CRM Widgets for Yahoo

For everyone who enjoys a new gadget, here is one that I recently downloaded and installed.  It works great and many of your clients might enjoy it. 
Check out the new Yahoo Widget for CRM Activities and Cases.  This will give you a view of CRM Activities & Cases on your desktop.  You will need to install the Yahoo Gadget Engine & then you can install the Widgets.  The Widgets work for On-Premise, Hosted and CRM Online deployments.
Here are the links you need to access the information and downloads:

Microsoft CRM Dynamics Update Alerts

CRM Team Blog posted some handy information regarding alerts.  Did you know that you can receive update and hot fix alerts regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM product.  Review the information below and sign up today.

Do you want to be informed when there are new fixes and product updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0?   You can subscribe to receive alerts straight to your inbox about newly published hot fixes and updates (such as the recently released Update Rollup 2):
These alerts, available in 25 languages, provide an easy way for you to learn about recent updates that keep your software running smoothly.  We are sending these out about once every two months, so don’t worry about your inbox getting filled with alerts.
Note: For people using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, it is unnecessary to subscribe to this product update alert, because you automatically receive alerts from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Team.