What Should You Expect from an Opportunity & Quote Solution?

Does your company have a complex inventory model with product and service dependencies that have corresponding business rules, dependencies or other characteristics that are challenging to remember or change?  Do your Opportunities, Quotes and Orders require your users to add several products and / or services from product inventory?  If so, I highly recommend that you take a look at Experlogix .

As your CRM users are probably aware, it can take up to 5 mouse clicks to add an inventory line item to an Opportunity, Quote or Order.  If users need to add 10 items, that equates to 50 mouse clicks or more, plus searching through inventory, remembering to add dependent items, doing manual calculations to identify correct quantities, etc.  What if I told you that your users could generate that same Opportunity or Quote in just 5 clicks or less with no manual calculations required, and users do not have to remember to add the inventory dependencies.  Have I captured your attention?  If so, then read on because that is exactly what this product did for the company where I previously worked.

VisionAIR is a software development company for the Public Safeoty marketplace.  Their Opportunities and Quotes can often be complex due to product / service dependencies and the various calculations required.  Order related CRM records (Opportunities, Quotes, etc.) can contain upward of 50 line items and for more than a year their Sales Team had to manually add all those line items to Opportunity records.  Yes, it is true, the Sales Team generated those records, remembered the line items needed and submitted their quotes for review prior to delivery so calculations could be checked, inventory added if needed, etc.  As you can imagine it was a time intensive task.

Then along came Experlogix and their Sales Staff now generate the same record in CRM with sometimes 10 or less mouse clicks.  Yes, it’s true, from potentially 250 mouse clicks down to 10 ish.  Talk about a nice return on investment, happy users, reliable calculations, more time available to do what Sales people do best, Sell.

Add to the above, a company whose products are Microsoft Certified, fully integrated with Dynamics applications, and you have a winning combination.  Oh and one more thing, the product support team is responsive and provides outstanding service.

You may be wondering why I took a few minutes to blog about Experlogix.  My reason is that I’ve seen Experlogix in action.  I’ve witnessed times where Experlogix made the difference and was a critical part of the CRM implementation project success.  Over the years, I’ve heard stories from other companies who struggle with generating Opportunities and Quotes from CRM so I wanted to share this information in the event that it might help if you are faced with similar challenges.

Need help improving staff productivity, take the effort out of generating Opportunities, Quotes, Orders and / or Service Contracts, give time back to your Sales and Finance team and significantly reduce the possibility of errors on sale’s related deliverables then Experlogix is worth a look.

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Have You Been CRMGamified?

Everyone I spoke with had a great time at Convergence 2013 but there was one booth I visited where people got an extra dose.  Let’s find out what all the buzz was about from the one and only Pablo Peralto.



Now is is time for YOU to get CRMGamified and join in the fun today!


Is Expedite in Your Future?

During Convergence I was able to steal some time to conduct a few quick video chats with some of the Microsoft Dynamics Partners and Customers.  One of the chats I had was with Chris Wilson from TCC Software Solutions regarding a new and exciting product called Expedite.

There are some pretty cool things about Expedite like:

  • It runs on Windows 8 (think Surface for mobile users)
  • Allows you to quickly scan a form and effortless add controls
  • Publishes the form to the Mobile users
  • Publishes the form to Dynamics CRM
  • Allows Mobile users to use the form both Online and Offline
  • Submits the data to Dynamics CRM when the device is Online

Rather than continuing the feature list, let’s take a few minutes to hear what Chris has to say about the product.


I hope that got quick glimpse into the product piqued your interest.  If so, you can visit www.expeditesoft.biz to learn more and request a demo.


Do you have these Marketing Tools in your Bag?

So who better to learn Marketing Tips and Tricks from than the people who live and breathe Marketing 24 / 7.  Their business depends on it and now you have the chance to gain from their experience

In just a few days you can take advantage of an opportunity to learn how to leverage not one, not two but seven marketing tactics & related tools some of which have been used to generate more than 2,000 Leads in just a few months. 

Here are some of the key strategies that will be discussed

  • Social Marketing; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Content Marketing
  • Newsletter Creation, Execution & Measurement
  • Nurture Marketing
  • Automate for Effectiveness
  • Turn your Liabilities into Assets
  • Brand Reinforcement

This will not be just another webinar about the value of Marketing.  Instead, it will be the opportunity for you to learn about real-world solutions and tactics to achieve the marketing result you want.

The good news is that this webinar will be offered four different times on Thursday, April 26th to accommodate your schedule.  I’m registered, how about you?

What are Richard Knudson, Matt Wittemann, and John Gravely doing next week?

What do you get when you bring together two really smart Microsoft Dynamics MVP’s and one awesome Marketing Automation solution?  You get the right ingredients for a lively and enlightening discussion on how to effectively leverage marketing automation in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application.

If you have a desire or need to learn about how to more effectively use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for sales, marketing and service then the “What Works in CRM & Marketing Automation” is the right Webinar for you.  Who better to learn from than a couple of Dynamics CRM MVP’s and a marketing solution expert; Matt Wittemann, Richard Knudson, John Gravely.

The webinar date is fast approaching so get registered today!