MS Medics 365

Hello Community!

My good friend,  and cohort in shenanigans, Chris Cognetta, and I, have recently launched two new Facebook groups:

Azure Medics

MS Medics 365

Chris’s article, Azure & MS Medics 365 Coming Soon, provides some history about how the Medics got their start and fast forwards to today.

So why MS Medics 365?  Its because in today’s world and in the Microsoft ecosystem, applications are connected and inter-dependent.  The community we engage with doesn’t always understand which application is impacting them when they are experiencing an issue.  They are not always certain where to go to get the help they need.  It could be Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, or something different that is presenting a challenge.  Sometimes it is clear but not always.  It’s convenient to have one quick and easy place to post a question where a group of experts can either provide a solution or guide you to the right place where you can get resolution.

That’s the genesis of MS Medics 365.  We are a group of experts here to help you with real world solutions.  Consider us your lifeline.  Come join the group and be on the lookout for scheduled and impromptu events like webinars, FB Live sessions, etc.

We are the MS Medics 365. We can help with your Microsoft Cloud and On Premise product related questions and challenges.  We look forward to your participation and most of all, learning about those challenging issues you face.

The Docs Are In!

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