Do You Have an Idea?

Have you checked out the Dynamics 365 Ideas site lately.  I was out there today checking to see if some suggestions I have for the product were already submitted so I could vote on them or add them if not.

While poking around, I noticed a nice feature that I wanted to share with  you.  Did you know you can sort the site on status?  Yes, you can and what’s nice about that is you can discover what’s currently under development.  Here’s the steps:

When you log into the site, select Microsoft Dynamics 365 from the right options or select one of the other options if you prefer.  In this example I selected Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Quick note: if this is your first time logging in, you’ll need to either create a login or use one that works with the site.

Select Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ideas 1

Next select the status option from the top option list and select in-development:

Ideas 2

Now you are in the Know.  You know what is in development and coming soon.  Combine this information with the Roadmap and that should help you, your team, customers and prospects get a head start on what’s coming in the product.

While your on the site, check out the search feature and other sorting features.  After you are done, your final step is to add your ideas to the site and get your friends, customers and coworkers to vote for them.  If you generate enough votes, it won’t be long before you see your ideas “in-development” too!


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