TechNet Community Additions

Today I noticed a section at the bottom of some TechNet Article pages.  The section is labeled Community Additions.  I hadn’t noticed this in the past but I can’t say that it wasn’t available.  In any event, I noticed it today and wanted to share my discovery with the community.



I thought I would test this out to understand and share the experience.  Here is what I discovered.

When you select the Add button it takes you to a page where you can enter a title and content for you contribution.


Even though this is a test, I selected the submit button.  Please note, I did this so you can learn from me experience.  I do not encourage you to test the process.

After selecting Submit, I was taken back to the page where I started.  When I refreshed the page, my post appeared under Community Additions with an edit link.


I selected the Edit link and discovered that I could edit content and submit but I was not able to find a delete button.  I plan to use the “Is this Page Helpful” option at the bottom of the page to submit a request to have this post deleted and provide an option for authors to delete their community contributions in the future.

I’ll look forward to seeing your community contributions to these great TechNet articles going forward.


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