Microsoft Dynamics CRM Ribbon Workbench

Scott Durrow’s Ribbon Workbench has been out for a few years now.  I recently had a project where I had an opportunity to use it.  I was quite impressed so thought I would share my experience and provide an example of its capability.

I obtained the tool from Scott’s site.  For those of you that have not visited the site, he has done a really great job of providing everything needed to get started including, getting started videos, a forum to post issues and lots of documentation.

The first step is to read and carefully follow the installation and setup instructions.   Spending a little extra time on this step will save you some potential pain and frustration later.  The first thing I did after installation was to create a solution file with the entities I planned to modify and exported the file for backup and recovery.  It is important to ensure you keep the backup file in a safe place so that you can restore it in the event something unexpected occurs.

In this example I am modifying the Opportunity entity so I created a solution with the Opportunity to open in the Ribbon Workbench.

To open the Ribbon Workbench you need to go to Settings Customization and select the Ribbon Workbench icon then select your solution file from the list of available options.


After loading the solution you can view the three areas of the entity available to work on; Home, Subgrid and Form. For this example I am working on the Form. I plan to move some custom buttons forward and remove some out-of-the-box buttons from the form.


Find the button you want to move, right click it and select the Customize Button option


This will result in placing a red checkmark on the button. Now you can select the button and drag it to the desired position.

Dragging button


Button’s new position on the form


Since you’ve already created a backup solution in the event you need to rollback changes, you can now publish your changes and when completed, open an entity record in CRM to check your work.  It is important to know that your changes are not saved until you publish them. 

Here’s a tip; if you’re having trouble getting the drag and drop feature to work as expected in Internet Explorer, try the Chrome browser to see if that works better. If not, you can file a support issue in the Workbench Ribbon forum.

Thank you Scott for a great toolset! It makes modifying the Microsoft Dynamics CRM command bar incredibly easier.


  1. In a record sungrid only admin can access Add and delete buttons,restrict all users by using ribbon any body help me

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