Dynamics CRM 2013 Has Arrived

I found out from my down under peeps that CRM 2013 has arrived.  Well, at least for some Winking smile

Apparently, if you sign-up for a Dynamics CRM trial in the APAC center, you get CRM 2013.  Now I am not suggesting that everyone run out and get a free trial from the APAC center but rather just letting you know that the rollout has begun.  I suspect the other two centers will be following close on the heals of the APAC center.

While we are waiting, I recommend that you check out the newly released Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Resource Center.  Here you will find information about what’s new, what’s changed, CRM for the Tablet, E-books, video tutorials and more.  I like to refer to it as a Dynamics CRM candy store.

Check it out and get ready, because CRM 2013 is coming to a neighborhood near you soon.


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