Is Expedite in Your Future?

During Convergence I was able to steal some time to conduct a few quick video chats with some of the Microsoft Dynamics Partners and Customers.  One of the chats I had was with Chris Wilson from TCC Software Solutions regarding a new and exciting product called Expedite.

There are some pretty cool things about Expedite like:

  • It runs on Windows 8 (think Surface for mobile users)
  • Allows you to quickly scan a form and effortless add controls
  • Publishes the form to the Mobile users
  • Publishes the form to Dynamics CRM
  • Allows Mobile users to use the form both Online and Offline
  • Submits the data to Dynamics CRM when the device is Online

Rather than continuing the feature list, let’s take a few minutes to hear what Chris has to say about the product.


I hope that got quick glimpse into the product piqued your interest.  If so, you can visit to learn more and request a demo.


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