1. Hi Donna and thanks for your help with my previous post.

    I have a problem with our e-mail form. I have added a custom field in the form, i have named the field “Progress” and it has the type “Option Set”.

    When I use the e-mail form in Dynamics i’m not alowed to change that field. The only field I can change is Regarding 😦

    Is it supposed to be like this on e-mails or is it a misconfiguration somewhere?

  2. Hi Donna, Thanks for all your guides on the Email Router, they’ve proved super useful. However (sorry!) i have an account set up to fire emails off from workflows to help manage the lifetime of entities through Queues. The emails get sent through the email router successfully but lose the crm entity links (i.e. regarding). Is that always the case when SMTP is used for the outgoing mail, or does it point to a glitch in my set-up?

    1. The regarding link should show if the email is viewed in Outlook where the CRM Outlook Client is installed unless you did not set the Regarding field of the email to the applicable record in the workflow. You could also consider using the option to insert the hyperlink to the record in the email message body.


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