Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update Videos

I came across this series of Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update videos today.  They include a variety of information regarding the new Polaris release.  Some of the content is directed at developers, customizers and end users. 

Here is the list:

The information presented will help individuals more quickly become familiar and ramp up on the new features.  Nice work Microsoft, we appreciate that you’ve made this content available.  Very helpful, keep up the great work!



  1. Hi Donna:

    I have been reviewing the material on the new CRM form experience. I am testing it in our sandbox.

    I have a question maybe you can clarify. After watching the videos and reading up on the differences, it appears that if I migrate any JavaScript customizations from my current forms into the new forms they will automatically revert to the classic form view for users. Is this accurate?

    We have a lot of JavaScript on calculated fields in the opportunity form and for some sql server calls we make with buttons that deliver data into form fields.

    If I follow this logic, then it’s not even worth my time to use the new forms and migrate my customizations because they will revert back the classic view anyway once I enable the JavaScript functions on these forms correct?

    I don’t see why I should bother to migrate to the new forms if this is the case.

    I would appreciate it if you could confirm or refute my logic on this. Any background material beyond what you published would be appreciated.


    Joe Ramil
    CRM Administrator
    “Your guests will Thank You”
    10800 NW 103RD St., Suite 1
    Miami, FL 33178
    (o) +1.305.805.8085 Ext: 241

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