Dynamics CRM Update Rollup 12

I came across an interesting read on Update Rollup 12 yesterday that had some information that I was not aware of.  You can find the article on MSDynamicsWorld.com

Of course, we’ve all heard about some of the more ‘high profile’ changes like cross browser support, CRM Online will have features that will not be available for CRM OnPremise until Q1 or Q2 of 2013 (Orion release) like new process flow forms for Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity and Case, etc. The item that caught my attention and something I know is always a focus for many is performance enhancements.  UR 12 has a few performance enhancements to include new indexes for several entities:

  • Cases
  • Opportunities
  • Competitors
  • Contact (the Phone Number fields)
  • Business Unit
  • Connection
  • Connection Role
  • KB Article
  • Lead
  • Product
  • Sales Literature

Of course the new process forms load appear to load more quickly and if you open forms in ‘Read Only’ mode, they will certainly load faster. 

Although Update Rollup 12 does not include new features for CRM OnPremise deployments, there are a number of items fixed in the release so be sure to check out the list to see if it includes a resolution for any issues you are experiencing.

For the developers in the house, check out What’s New for Developers for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

As with all updates, I encourage you to fully test UR 12 in a development environment before deploying to production.  The good news about UR 12 is that you can uninstall it if you run into unexpected issues so ensure you have a database backup and server snapshot (if running in a virtual environment) before deploying.


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