Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Update Rollup 10

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update Rollup 10 (UR 10) is available for download.  Yep, that’s right 10, not 9.  If you recall from a recent announcement, UR was skipped due to the delay of Service Release 8 not shipping.  So, Update Rollup 9 is skipped and we are jumping right into UR 10.  Having said that, UR 10 does include all the fixes that were scheduled for inclusion in UR 9.  That means everything still gets fixed.

Additionally, keep in mind that Update Rollups do not generally contain new features UR 10 does not contain new features. Nope, they are not there so don’t look for them Smile  The next new feature release is scheduled for Fall 2012.

So what do you get with UR 10?  As always, UR 10 is a cumulative release which means it contains all the issue resolution available from all previous Update Rollups.  Additionally Update Rollup 6 is a requirement for UR 10 so ensure your systems have UR 6 before attempting to apply UR 10.  You will be able to uninstall UR 10 if needed but you will not be able to uninstall UR 6.

Here are some of the fixes included in the release:

  • Support for IE10 in Compatibility mode.
  • Support for Windows 8.
  • Support for Office 2013 preview.
  • Some great performance enhancements
  • Fix for Team owned Contact when assigning to a Marketing List
  • Several CRM Outlook Client fixes to include Mapi issues, synchronization, performance, Offline Client, memory leaks, pinned views, etc.
  • Issues with Goals not displaying correctly
  • Share rights not honored in Marketing Lists
  • Reports reading from filteredactivitypointer table returning incorrect data
  • Fixes for email and mail merge templates
  • Inability to create new organizations or import organizations after UR 6 is applied
  • Recurring appointment corruption
  • A few solution management issues are addressed
  • Issues related to language packs
  • SQL deadlock issue
  • IE 10 display issues

As always, I encourage you to read through the list of fixes included in UR 10  to see if there are any you need.  If so, download and install.  If you prefer, you can wait to install UR 10 until September 16th. UR 10 is scheduled for availability from the Windows Update service on that date.



  1. Thanks for your post. Is there a more definite release date for the next feature release which is due fall of 2012?

  2. With all due respect, to the great work you do Donna – Microsoft need to lift their game with the quality of this product and the updates being released.

    Here are some examples from this update. – cannot exceed 2000 characters in a text editor now. (come on, this is a really poor bug!!). – Account lookups throw a SQL error – Stability Issues with Outlook Client worse in this case – Throws script errors… – Cannot import organisation

    1. Thank you for bringing these to my attention Josh, I appreciate it. I’ve responded to those where I am aware of the issue. Some look like they might be environmental rather than UR 10 but not certain so I encouraged people to log a case with Microsoft Support.

  3. Regarding the Currency Display, go to the Server and change the CSS Property manually from 12% to 1px.
    Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\_forms\controls\controls.css.aspx
    Change this:
    width: 12%;
    to this:
    width: 1px;
    and Reset IIS to see the changes.

  4. Hey Donna – Any idea what the typical causes are for Windows Update on the CRM server to not take automatic updates? Everything is enabled server-side and I’ve double checked the configuration… I am so frustrated as I can’t seem to get Rollup 10 to install! Thanks, Starr

    1. I don’t generally recommend allowing automatic updates to the CRM server. You’ll want to apply those manually after fulling testing in a development environment. Since Update Rollup 11 is now available, I suggest testing that one in a development environment and then applying to production once you are certain it will not break existing functionality.

      If you prefer, you can take the same approach for Update Rollup 10 rather than 11. I hope this helps.

      1. I completely concur. We went through this obvious practice with our AX partner.. That said though, what happens when the users update via Windows Update and the server isn’t the same?

        PS. I wish the Field Guide stated what you just said as plainly as stated as while I says server-side you can download the updates via Microsoft or Windows Update and then goes on to address client updates (p114) it doesn’t remind folks of obvious best-practices about server side upgrades or the effect of having a disparity in the server & client….

        Or maybe I just read too fast. 🙂

        Thanks! Starr

  5. “That said though, what happens when the users update via Windows Update and the server isn’t the same?”

    It is not required that the Client and Server Update Rollups match. It is recommended.

    I apologize that this was missed in the book, it was not intentional. However, please keep in mind that the book is over 900 pages so you can imagine the size of a book with all the ‘best practices’ included.


  6. No apologies needed! Commentary for future update only if agreed to be helpful.

    I read both the Field Guide & the Building Business book and have found them both to be invaluable!

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