CRM Productivity Tip of the Day – Recently Viewed Records

Before jumping into the CRM ‘tip of the day”, I wanted to share something non-CRM related with you that I found interesting.  When I first considered providing a ‘Tip of the Day’ series on my blog, not to be confused with writing a “tip a day” series”, I contemplated giving the series a different name.  Whenever I’m searching for word-type ideas, I generally begin with the thesaurus or online dictionary so off to I went.  I did a search on the word tip.  Wow, I was surprised by the number of meanings applied to the word .  Check it out, I think there are over 20 different possible meanings based on the context of how it is used.  I think it is one of those words in the English language that we take for granted.  It is no doubt a versatile word and I am sure presents a challenge for those trying to learn the language.  Anyway I’ve digressed enough so on to the tip.

In my Helping Users with Lookup Options article, I mentioned that CRM 2011 was designed to deliver relevant data to the end user in a faster, intuitive and more intelligent way.  Today I thought I would share another tip on how CRM allows you to quickly view records you’ve recently visited.

As most know, we can access Dynamics CRM through the Web browser or Outlook Client.  The tip I will share today shows you how to view recently visited records from both.

From the Outlook Client right-click an entity like Contacts and select the Recently Visited list option


From the Outlook Client Select File, CRM Recent


From the Web browser right click an entity like Contacts and you will see a list of recently visited records at the bottom of the list


From the Web browser select the Recently Visited Folder icon.  The favorite folder icon is available from any entity


Saving several clicks a day and waiting for views to open, a search to run, or other items to display adds up and directly affects the amount of time you have available to do other more important things.  So get some time back in your day by using the recently visited options in CRM.



  1. Extra bonus to this tip: in the CRM > Recent list or the Favourites icon in the browser you can click on the grey ‘pushpins’ to stick a record to the list permanently, in other words if you don’t visit it for a while and it is no longer recent it does not drop off the list but remains there anyway. (this is the same as recently used docs list in Office 2007/2010, and Windows Vista/7 jump lists)

    Also, you don’t have to right click, you can just point to and hover on the entity name then click the right arrow – this is easier in a touch interface than doing a ‘right click’ would be.

  2. Hello Donna Edwards. I really appreciate all the information in the contents in your blog. It enlightens my darken days searching and discovering this on the internet but I just saw it right here with complete and factual thoughts. Keep sharing !

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