Do you have these Marketing Tools in your Bag?

So who better to learn Marketing Tips and Tricks from than the people who live and breathe Marketing 24 / 7.  Their business depends on it and now you have the chance to gain from their experience

In just a few days you can take advantage of an opportunity to learn how to leverage not one, not two but seven marketing tactics & related tools some of which have been used to generate more than 2,000 Leads in just a few months. 

Here are some of the key strategies that will be discussed

  • Social Marketing; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Content Marketing
  • Newsletter Creation, Execution & Measurement
  • Nurture Marketing
  • Automate for Effectiveness
  • Turn your Liabilities into Assets
  • Brand Reinforcement

This will not be just another webinar about the value of Marketing.  Instead, it will be the opportunity for you to learn about real-world solutions and tactics to achieve the marketing result you want.

The good news is that this webinar will be offered four different times on Thursday, April 26th to accommodate your schedule.  I’m registered, how about you?

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