CRM Outlook Client 2011 Installation Failure

The other day I was installing the CRM Outlook Client on a user machine and received an error message that I hadn’t previously experienced.  The error message read,

“The installation has failed.  Installation of one or more missing prerequisite components failed.  Click the link below to view the log file.”


I selected the link, “View the Log File” and discovered this error in the log:

“Installation of Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime failed. Exit code: 5100. Result: Asia”

That was a fairly odd error and I had no idea what was causing the problem so I accessed my trusty internet search engine and found the fix. 

It appears that the CRM Outlook Client did not like it that the machine had the runtime version of 2010 Visual Studio C+++  installed.  I uninstalled the file and the CRM Outlook Client installed without error. 

Thanks to the person who posted the fix in the Dynamics CRM Forum!


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