CRM Online Deployed – Not Until the Checklist is Completed

So you’re all set to take a new Company live on CRM Online.  The users have been added to the CRM Online Organization, the system is fully configured to meet the company’s needs, users have tested the system and given you the thumb’s up, Outlook Client’s are installed and today is the day you take the system Live right? 

Well, maybe not, unless  you have completed the CRM Online checklist?  If you haven’t gone through the checklist then you might be missing something that could contribute to end-user frustration or missed an opportunity to fully prepare your users for their new CRM Online experience. 

Things you might have missed but that could negatively impact the user experience:

  • Common IE settings & configuration
  • Simultaneous download capability
  • Anti-Virus settings
  • Common CRM Outlook Client settings

That’s right, you get all of the above and more in the CRM Online Checklist.  I encourage you to take a little extra time to go through this valuable checklist as part of your pre-go live routine.  It may save troubleshooting time on the backend as well as spare your clients / users unnecessary frustration.



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