Troubleshooting CRM – Did You Notice?

The other day I was doing some work in the CRM 2011 Online Outlook Client and noticed a couple of items that I thought I would mention.  During my work, I had a need to go to the file menu in Outlook to access some CRM Outlook Client information (first screenshot below).  I hadn’t previously spent much time in this area and when I was there, I didn’t really have the time to appreciate all the information available.  In this area we can find everything from CRM Personal Options to Administrator Guide.  Additionally, the layout is very clean and easy to navigate.

One of the interesting items in this section is Troubleshooting so I decided to select the link and check it out (second screenshot below).  For now, the two resources listed under the Troubleshooting link are the Dynamics CRM Online Resource Center and the Dynamics CRM Forum.  I was happy to find these two links since they are two great  resources for troubleshooting assistance.  If you are not able to find what you need in the Resource Center then you can always ask a question in the CRM Forum and get a quick response.  Also, stay tuned because it looks like additional content is on the way, “Troubleshooting information will be available in a future update….”. 

If you have some feedback you would like to submit about the content available from the Troubleshooting area, you can provide that feedback using the, “Did you find the information you need” section?  If you have a great suggestion for the content you would like to see in this area, please submit it because Microsoft will receive and review your suggestion.

If you haven’t taken the time to explore this area of the CRM Outlook Client, take some time and check it out. 

The screenshots below are from the CRM Online 2011 Client and Outlook 2010



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