CRM Outlook & XP SP 3 Configuration Issue

I recently ran into an issue when attempting to configure the CRM 2011 Outlook client on an XP machine that had SP 3 and was running Outlook 2007.  I was able to install the CRM Outlook Client but would receive an error when I attempted to Configure it.  I previously opened CRM without issue in a Web browser so I was able to rule out connectivity with the CRM server.  I tried many things like a complete uninstall of the CRM Outlook Client and re-install, ensuring the user had sufficient rights on the system and network, etc.  In the end, I contacted Microsoft Support and after trying some additional steps they hit on the fix. 

The issue was related to a mapi.dll and the fix was to rename the mapi32.dll located in the Windows folder to mapi32_old.dll and then run the fixmapi.exe found in the same folder.  Once the above steps were completed, I was able to successfully configure the CRM Outlook Client. 

I did run into one final challenge after Configuring the Client.  Once the CRM Outlook Client successfully completed the Configuration, I was able to see the CRM folders in Outlook but they were not populated with data and the CRM toolbar did not load.  I decided to check the add-ins to see if the CRM Outlook Client add-in loaded as expected.  To check the add-in I went to Tools, Trust Center, Add-ins and selected the Go button at the bottom of the page.  The list of add-ins loaded and I noticed the Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-in was referenced twice and the checkbox for both references was unchecked.  I removed the add-in that did not have the “load on startup” or (something similar to that) referenced and checked the box for the remaining add-in.  Once that was complete and I closed out of the add-in list, the CRM Outlook Client folders populated and the toolbar loaded as expected.

If you run into this issue, I hope  you find this information helpful.



  1. Do you know the DETAILS of the mapi32.dll? when I rename and click the fixmapi.exe it recreates that DLL wiht the same DateTime as the previous one (04/14/2008). Also, this is in the System32 folder under windows right?

    I get stuck on the Initializaing the Organization section and it sits for like 10 minutes then craps out with the Unavailable error. ODD

  2. Hi Don,

    Yes, you have the right folder and dll. If you are getting a time-out and then an unavailable error, your issue is probably different from this. Can you open the installation log file and do a search on the word ‘error’. Search for the last couple of errors logged and let me know what error is logged. You can find the log file in the following directory:

    DriveName:\Documents and Settings\ InstallingUser \Application Data\Microsoft\MSCRM\Logs

  3. Hi Donna, I am into similar issue not excat replica though. I have my client in Korea having winxp, ofice2010 32 bit. CRM 2011 onpremise is configured with ADFS authentication and used globally works find. Recently we introduced configuring outlook client to which works fine in uk and us but in Korea we got issue with language pack error. further details in below blog.

    Any help would be really appreciated.


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