Looking for a CRM Solution – Let’s Go Shopping

As many know, the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace was recently launched.  This is a great new site that will add value to the Dynamics product line in many ways to include:

  • Finding Dynamics Partners, Service Professionals and Solutions
  • Exceptional Companies can quickly gain more visibility for their product offerings and services
  • Access to the latest and greatest Market Solutions
  •  Search by Product Release, Vendor, Solution, Industry Focus, Integration Product, Release Date, Rating, Price, Type, free text and more
  • Review product ratings and rate products you use
  • Find Companies in your Geographic Location

The above are just some of the benefits you will discover when you visit the site.  I think you’ll quickly notice just how much the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace has to offer. 

One recent example that helps illustrate the value of the Marketplace occurred when I was reviewing some questions in the Dynamics CRM Forum.  One individual was looking for a CRM Auto-Number solution and although several possible solutions were offered, none seem to meet the need exactly.  In reviewing the thread, I recalled seeing an Auto Number application available from the Market Place so I recommended that the individual check it out. 

 For me, the Marketplace offers extreme value as I can easily find solutions for specific Client needs.  I encourage you to visit the Dynamics Marketplace and look at all the terrific applications available.  You may find that perfect fit for you or your Client’s need or maybe you have a solution or service to offer.  If so, get listed today! 

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