Chat Live with Microsoft Experts & MVP’s

If you are an IT Professional or Developer and have ever had or have questions about Microsoft Office, Windows, Windows CE, or SharePoint then you should definitely check out these opportunities to get your questions answered and learn more about these products. 

Microsoft is providing monthly, live chat meetings that are free and open to the public. You will have the opportunity to ask those tough technical questions & get answers as well as interact with Microsoft staff, MVP’s & your peers.  If this sounds interesting then get over to the Technical Chat web site and add the session(s) of interest to your calendar today!



  1. I’m luvin’ the increased categories that was *so* limited on Space and so wide open on WP. I lost a lot of my blog posse when I moved and all my rep links on the search browsers are zero’d out. So if one searches on say Eppelsheim sax and gets a link to a post I did before the move, they get sent to my WP home page and have to search again.

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