CRM 2011 – Feature Enhancement

We are all quickly discovering the long list of Game Changing features included in CRM 2011.  There is a plethora of options available to learn more about them like watching YouTube posts from MsdynamCRM, Sonoma Partners, Richard Knudson…., updates from the CRM Team Blog, Channel 9, join groups like XRMVirtualUserGroup, CRMUG, participate in the CRM Dynamics Forums, Twitter, Facebook & the list goes on and on.

However, sometimes in life, its the little things that make life easier and more enjoyable like discovering a star fish when walking on the beach, dipping an ice cream cone in chocolate to form that ‘oh so good’ crunchy chocolate shell, making the birdie putt, relaxing with a good book.  So rather than focusing on the big Game Changing features in CRM 2011, I thought I would take some time to share some of the less obvious, yet equally appreciated feature changes. 

As you’ll discover, CRM 2011 is packed full of features that cause you to pause and think, ‘yes, I love how that works, or whatever you think when you discover a software feature that works exactly as you need or want. Many of those features fall into a Category of ‘ease of use’ or translated, ‘reduced mouse-clicks’.  Here’s an example.

When I want to view Active Account records in CRM 4, I go to Accounts and change the view to Active Accounts.  If I choose to view one of the records, I can open it and look at the information then close it and go back to the list of Active Accounts. 

In CRM 2011, I can keep the Account record open and view the Active Account list directly from the open record or use the up / down arrow to scroll to the next or previous record in the list and when I either select a new Account record from the list or use the up / down record, the new Account displays in my current window.  This results in significantly few clicks, reuse of windows and a significantly improved user experience. 

Here’s a screenshot for reference.  Check out the right-hand side of the Account record.


Hope you are enjoying the new features as much or more than me.  Don’t have access to the Beta Release yet? Sign-up Now!

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