Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta

The CRM 2011 Beta is due for release tomorrow and the activity is heating up.  Yesterday, several hundred people watched a live demonstration sponsored by the XRMVIRTUALUSERGROUP and presented by Senior Technical Product Manager Eric Boocock.  Words used to describe the session include; Awesome, Terrific, Exciting, WOW, Amazing……..

If you missed the session, no worries, as you will be able to view the recording as soon as CRM 2011 Beta is released.  Just watch the CRM 2011 Discussion Board on the XRMVIRTUALUSERGROUP web site for more details or follow Julie Yack on Twitter for the announcement.  It was a terrific web cast so I definitely encourage you to take the time to view the recording.  It is very exciting to see all the great and productive changes included in the product.

Additionally, Microsoft created a new CRM 2011 Beta Forum for posting questions and issues.  The forum is live now and available to everyone.  The CRM 2011 Beta Forum will be monitored by the ‘usual suspects’; Dynamics CRM MVP’s, Microsoft Staff, Community Supporters, etc., who are looking forward to helping you with any questions or issues you encounter with the product. 

I know we are all excited to see and experience the changes that the Microsoft Team has worked hard to include in the product and, based on what I’ve seen so far, the product is going to exceed our expectations so be prepared to be “Wowed’’ and “Amazed”!

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