Why is a Disabled User Showing in Forms Assistant?

I was recently presented with an issue that took a little digging for me to unearth the root cause.  A CRM ‘Service Scheduler’ contacted me to let me know that a couple of disabled users were showing up as available resources when creating Service Activities. 

My initial thought was that something was either wrong with the system or a recent update might have introduced an issue so I checked the System first to see if I could reproduce the issue and found that I could.  Having confirmed the issue, I dug around the system a bit to ensure their was nothing unusual about the user record.  I wasn’t able to identify any particular issues with the user record so I checked the Service where the user was showing as a resource. 

To check the service, I opened the Service from Settings, Business Management and selected the Required Resource tab.  This particular Service had a Team associated with the Required Resource rule so I opened the Team record and checked the Members list of the Team.  I found that the user was not associated with Team. 

At this point, I was a little perplexed so I opened the disabled user record again.  This time I selected the Services and Resource Group lists from the left navigation menu and there it was, the user was still associated with the Resource Group used for the Service. 


My best guess was that the user was removed from the Team associated with the Service after the user record was disabled so the relationships with the user record were not updated.

To fix the issue, I enabled the user record and removed the user from the Resource Groups.  Once the user was removed from the Resource Groups, I disabled the user record, checked the Service Activity to see if the user was still showing as an Available Resource and confirmed that the user was no longer showing in the Forms Assistant.

The “take-away” from this is that there are a few ‘house-cleaning’ items you should consider addressing before disabling a user record.  Those items include, but may not be limited to:

  • Reassign all record ownership for Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Activities, Workflows, etc., to another user
  • Remove the user’s association with Teams, Services, Resource Groups, etc.


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