Microsoft Dynamics CRM on MSDN

Have you visited the Microsoft Dynamics CRM site on MSDN lately?  If not, then you might be pleasantly surprised by all the content that is available.  The site offers links and information for an amazing amount of subject matter to include: Getting Started with Dynamics CRM, Developer Tools, PartnerSource, CustomerSource, CRM Forums, CRM Community, CRM Resource Center, links to Support, Downloads and more. 

I spent a little time today surfing the site and within 5 minutes came across this great link to Tricks and Tips from People Who Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the CRM Resource Center.  I navigated to the link and discovered one page with some great ‘real world’ tips for Dynamics CRM Users.  On just one page you can find helpful tips for debugging plug-ins, JavaScript examples and suggestions for managing code, shortcuts and more. 

If you haven’t visited the Microsoft Dynamics CRM site on MSDN lately, then you are definitely missing out on up-to-date relevant and useful information for all CRM Dynamics implementers, administrators, developers and end users.  The site is definitely a candidate to consider adding to your browser’s Home Page list.

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