The Quote, Price List Lookup Values are Not Available

For several months there was an issue related to the Quote entity.  The problem was that the Price List and Opportunity field would not display any values when selecting the lookup.  Although this was an annoying issue at times, it did not affect the end users.  The issue was not apparent to the end users because of the way they created new Quote records.  Users always created an Opportunity first and then created the Quote from the Opportunity.  Using that flow, the fields that were not behaving as expected were populated with values (mapped) from the Opportunity record so the users never experienced or complained about the issue.  However, it was a problem for the System Administrator when testing certain behaviors or trouble-shooting issues so today I decided to spend a little time to try and find the root issue.
At first I thought it might be related to the system lagging behind on Update Rollups so I read through the features & fixes in the Updates but didn’t find anything directly related to the issue.  Since the Price List lookup for the Opportunity was working as expected, I decided to take a look at the difference in the two entities and I discovered one difference.  The Opportunity did not have the Forms Assistant check to Display and the Quote did.  Now I really thought I was on to something so I unchecked the box for Displaying the Forms Assistant, published my changes, created a new Quote, but the same behavior persisted, sigh. 
Next I decided to check the Onload event of the Quote entity even though I knew there was no script in this entity or at least I thought so.  When I opened the OnLoad event, I discovered some left over javascript that was inserted by a ‘add-on’ product which had been uninstalled for several years.  I unchecked he enable event, removed the javascript, saved and published the changes and now the Price List and Opportunity lookup fields on the Quote are working as expected. 
 Mystery solved, issue resolved and on to the next.

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