SRS Case Activity Report in an IFrame

Recently, I read a post by Microsoft CRM MVP David Jennaway.  You can view his post, Writing Reports to display in IFrames and from ISV.Config, on the Microsoft CRM Team Blog Web site.  There are quite a few posts available explaining how to view the Activity Grid from the Account or other forms, but I have not come across very many posts on displaying a SRS Report from an Iframe on the entity form so I really appreciated David taking the time to share the information.  Also, it just so happened that I recently had a request to display Case related activities on the Case form so I decided to use this method for the request.  I did encounter a couple of items that I had to troubleshoot so I thought I would share what I learned.
First, create your basic SRS report using Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 depending on the version of SQL Server used for your CRM installation.  If you haven’t created a custom CRM report then you might find this a challenging place to start as the instructions assume you are familiar with creating reports in Visual Studio, using parameters and other features.
To begin, I followed David’s instruction and created the report with the parameters id, name, and typename.  I also created the IFrame for the Case checked the option to pass parameters and followed the remaining instructions.  I uploaded the report to my CRM server saved it and opened a Case record.  I encountered the following error when I opened the Case record. 

An attempt was made to set a report parameter ‘orgname’ that is not defined in this report. (rsUnknownReportParameter)

I ran a search on the error and found a great post written by Catherine Eibner named "Building a CRM 4.0 Report that will be accessed via an iFrame".  This post has a wealth of information to include the solution I needed which was to add a few more parameters to the report.  After I added a few additional parameters (orgname, userlcid, and orglcid), saved my changes, and uploaded the report to CRM everything worked as expected and now when a user opens a Case, he or she can view all activities related to the Case from the main Case form tab.

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