CRM 4.0 Installation on Windows 2008

There are some known ‘issues’ or items that you might encounter when installing CRM 4 on Windows Server 2008 so I thought I would share them here in the event you encounter these types of challenges.
I found the article Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 on Windows Server 2008-based computers very helpful for configuring IIS 7.  The important note here is to ensure that you follow the steps to configure IIS 6 in compatibility mode.
After completing one installation, I received the error "No Microsoft Dynamics CRM user exists with the specified domain name and user ID".  I was trying to log into the application with the Deployment Administrator so I knew the user had to be activated as it is added to CRM as part of the installation process and the installation log showed a successful installation. 
Just to be sure, I checked the CRM Deployment Manager and found that the user was the Deployment Administrator, all servers were enabled, and all CRM and SQL services were running as expected.  I also ran some queries on the CRM database to ensure the user record existed in the systemuserbase and that all settings appeared correct. 
I was just about to give up on this one and enter a support ticket when I finally found the information I needed.  It appears that I had incorrectly formatted the URL I was using to access CRM.  If you run into the error, "No Microsoft Dynamics CRM user exists with the specified domain name and user ID", when trying to access CRM for the first time after an installation or upgrade, then change your CRM URL to include the servername and organization in the following format: http://servername:5555/organizationname
You can disregard the port reference 5555 if you installed CRM on the IIS Default Web site.

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